Three Types Camera Head




The camera head is basically divided into three types, including "Three-way Head", "Ball Head", and "Video Head".

*Three-way Head

Three-way head as the name suggests, that is, you can adjust the elevation, horizontal and left or right swing angle of the head, usually for entry-level users or customary use of traditional head users’ favorite. Operation, the user to twist the three-axis of the head to adjust the tightness, and then adjust the angle, and finally tighten the lock to fix the composition before shooting.

The selling point of the three-way head is often "solid", if you think it is necessary to support the expensive camera head must be strong enough,it is the best choice ; but the advantages of three-way head is also its shortcomings, To lock the head's steering and twist angle,

if you want to use it to multi-angle shooting, then there is a certain difficulty. The most stable head is Geared Head of the three-way head, that is, through the gear rotation control angle of the head, the angle can be adjusted one by one, although laborious but more accurate.

*Ball Head

Ball head is the head type for a lot of friends choose to buy , the benefits are obvious, that is, no direction restrictions, like how to can turn, as long as loose a knob. But where is the world perfect design? In the adjustment of the horizontal angle of a single bolt only, as long as loose the big knob,the camera will be due to weight to fall, at any time "snapped" will make the camera damage, more likely because the head material is poor that makes the camera fall.

Seeing this, there are manufacturers will turn the head of the twist to the lock and the level of the entire wave of the ball turned into two large locks, to turn the horizontal direction when the release of the horizontal lock, to twist the waves when the loose Open wave head lock, can reduce the occurrence of accidents at the same time, but also allows users to level the angle and the ball twist separate treatment, to avoid a large lock control two steering, adjust the composition more convenient and more intimate.

*Video Head

Video Head, the following describes is not dedicated to the head, but there are manufacturers fancy digital SLR camera with excellent video capture capabilities, and launched specifically for these cameras.

This photo-Movie Head has a video and photo mode knob, the video mode around the pan / tilt angle to the vertical or horizontal angle will be locked to facilitate the composition of the film; photo mode can be free to twist 0-110 degrees. More friction to adjust the handle, can be twisted to change the strength of friction to enhance the smooth performance of the film when shooting. In addition,in order to prevent the imbalance between the front and rear of the camera caused the tripod side, the manufacturer joined the CBS system from the head to restore the pre-set balance angle, reduce the imbalance caused by the camera before the sudden or backward.

2017.6.21    By: Zhongshan Kingjoy Photographic Equipment Co., Ltd ()