Warranty Service

Free repair under guaranty Within the specified warranty period, AFI offers free warranty service.


Professional OEM/ODM Customized service: provide professional one stop design - developing- producing solutions, provide customized order service, help to to build your private label brands.

Technical Support

AFI professional team will provide you with a full range of technical support, you can call, email to get timely consulting services, data download, after-sales technical services and so on.

Business Cooperation

AFI will provide the professional media or business opportunities for cooperation, if you have good resources or any Idea, share with us and together to make the dream come true.

Technical Support


AFI will provide the professional technical support and services, you can download the AFI product manual, product video information, product software upgrade and etc. through AFI official platform.

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After-sales Service


AFI is committed to the following conditions, from the date of selling products within the product warranty period (different parts of the product warranty period is different, as detailed in the appendix list), AFI will provide free product warranty service, consumers do not need to pay the additional maintenance fees(The consumer needs to bear the shipping costs), please contact AFI authorized agents directly, or directly contact the nearest authorized AFI repair center for product repair issues:

Warranty Clause
1.Please contact the consumer service staff about the product issues, the end-user needs to send back the defective product with prepaid courier fee on his/her own cost. The AFI authorized agent or the AFI after-sales service center will conduct the product fault detection to determine the problem liability. If it belongs to the quality of the product itself, AFI will be responsible for the product maintenance and return.
2. If the tested product does not meet the free maintenance conditions, the end-user may need to pay a small maintenance fee, We will contact and consult with the end-user first.
3. If the problem you are experiencing is not covered by the warranty or is caused by human reason, we will charge the inspection fee, the replacement part fee and the labor cost according to the nature of the problem.
4. The entire maintenance process and maintenance records, please call the AFI authorized agents or AFI service center telephone inquiries
Warranty Scope
The following is not a free warranty service.
1.The occurrence of artificial non-product quality problems caused by the collision, burned accident;
2.Failure to follow the manual instructions, the damage caused by unauthorized modification, dismantling and the other acts;
3.Failure to follow the instructions, the damage caused by the incorrect installation, use and operation;
4.The damage caused by the unauthorized transformation of the circuit, or the improper match of the battery pack or charger;
5 In the harsh environment, the damage caused by wind, rain, dust and so on;
7.The damage caused by the manipulation in the electromagnetic environment or strong interference source environment, such as tower / high voltage line / substation;
8.The damage caused by the strong interference;
9.The damage caused by operation beyond the maximum load;
10.The damage caused by reliability and compatibility issues when the end-user using with non-AFI certified third-party components;
11.The damage caused by the low battery,or the quality problems caused by the defective battery discharge.
Q: Who will pay for the free warranty shipping cost?
A: The end user will pay for the shipping cost on his/her own cost. AFI will pay the shipping cost when we return the good product to the end-user.
Q: Is the warranty for products and accessories the same?
A: Not the same.Under normal circumstances, the main part of the product and motor non-human damage warranty for 12 months; while the battery accessories are in 3 months warranty, the specific product model free warranty period, please consult the consumer service.

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