AFI V2 --- One Of The Best Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizers 2017




Over the past 10 years, mobile cameras have really jumped forward and the quality of modern smartphones are pretty amazing. This also goes for video too. Many people are no longer buying cameras, they’re just sticking with their mobile devices for taking pictures and recording videos.No matter what kind of video you’re going to shoot. If you choose quality over quantity that’s the choice. No more shaking hands or unwanted vibrations.

What should be considered when choosing the best gimbal smartphone stabilizer? Most of all the materials, durability, ergonomics and price. Let’s look closer, we’re bringing you some of the best stabilizers on nowadays market.

AFI V2--- Best 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Smartphone Stabilizer For IPhone 7 And All Smartphones Up To 7″ Screens Of  2017

AFI V2 came out pretty quickly after the release of other smartphone gimbal. So, a lot of people were confused as to what’s the difference? I think most of it will come down to build quality. Although there are a few small features that will differ from one to the other.

Build Quality and Controls

The build quality on this is really solid. It’s made from metal although it’s not heavy and feels very rugged. The buttons on this may differ from the Smooth II. Well, we have a number of buttons right on the bottom including a wheel, and a button to change settings on your smartphone just from the handle. You can start and stop recording right from the handle. You have a joystick as well as a button to change the modes, the start and stop record button. The power button, just hold it down for a few seconds to turn the power on or to turn the power off.




Cool Features With A Few Drawbacks

Everything seems to work smoothly and my one complaint is that there is no home position button or mode that returns the home position easily. There’s a little workaround for that. The battery is also removable but doesn’t need to be removed. You can charge it right in the handle with the USB cable that is provided. There is also another USB connector to connect your phone and charge your phone while you’re using it, but the cable is not provided. There’s also a screw on the bottom if you want to put on a tripod for time-lapse mode or anything else. There’s one knob to adjust the balance and there’s one knob to adjust from horizontal to vertical shooting mode.







V2 comes in a nice case which is full of sponge. Not completely hard but it is pretty rigid, so it will keep this safe. This is built really strong anyway, so you won’t have any problems with the case.







Stabilization works very well as long as you have your phone balanced before you turn the power on. It just works incredibly smoothly. You can definitely get more smooth and stabilized video with V2 than from any hand-held gimbal. Also, it’s rugged build, it is very lightweight so it’s no problem at all carrying it for a long period of time and the battery life will definitely last you long enough. Your phone battery will probably die way before the battery of the gimbal will die. To prevent that you can also charge your phone directly from the gimbal. It’s a great product, one of the best on today’s market.




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