Tripods optimized for video




Most photography tripods have single column legs, but if you notice many video tripods have double legs that slide out. The reason is that the double legs give the tripod more structural resistance to twisting and torsion which is vital when using heavy video cameras and pan tilt heads. Without this reinforcement every pan movement risks bringing unwanted juttering and shake into your shot. The wide legs, however also add bulk and weight that often isn't necessary for shooting with most DSLR cameras, but if you can carry a video tripod you will have a stable set up. You can also attach a video pan head to most photographic tripods. 

Above are two carbon fiber tripods designed for shooting video. The two major differences between these and tripods for photography are the construction of the legs and the center leg supports. Pan and tilt heads also work well with large telephoto lenses and birding scopes. Tripods for outdoors often have spiked feet, whereas those for inside can have flat feet or wheels. Tripods designed for video can also be used for photography, however because some of them can't get low to the ground are not good for macrophotography. Professional video tripods also tend to be heavier then those used for photography and are usually more expensive due to their multi-leg construction. A tripod bag shown on the left is available for most tripods at camera stores and protects the tripods when travelling.

2017.7.14    By: Zhongshan Kingjoy Photographic Equipment Co., Ltd ()