How To Use AFI Camera Stabilizer



Camera stabilizer is an effective tool for shooting smooth and stable lens. If your operator and camera have a shaking problem and no three tripod, the camera stabilizer will come in handy.

How to use the camera stabilizer correctly
But how do you use the camera stabilizer? The following information will explain how the camera stabilizer works.

Balance hinge
Connect the longest balance weight to the extended end of the balance balance. Once the camera is installed, you can add smaller balance weight if necessary. You don't need to tighten the unit too much, that's enough, so the screws do not move.

To get your starting place, first measure the distance from the hinge to the end of the mounting base by measuring the distance from the hinge. According to the weight of your camera, you need to adjust the hinge distance of the counter.

If your camera weighs a pound, you may need to adjust the distance by eight inches. If your camera weighs two pounds, the adjustment may be 12 inches. It depends on what kind of stabilizer you have.

If you need to modify the vertical balance, you can turn off or open the balance hinge by adjusting the vertical and horizontal screws. Remember that balancing weight has a direct effect on balance.

Installation camera
1. Remove the quick release camera plate from the receiver bracket.

2. Take the screws off the device.

Three. Hang the camera on the fast release device.

4. Tighten the screw.

5. Make sure that the receiver screws are safe wherever necessary. In most cases, screws must be tightened so that no playing is played.

If your DSLR camera has a heavy lens, you need to move the lens along the lens. If you install a camera, place the mounting plate slightly away from the center of the DSLR. You can also install the camera with any mounting screws.

Adjustment of vertical and horizontal decoration
1. Hold the handle with the camera on the platform. Hold it carefully and check whether the slope is left or right.

2. To adjust the side-by-side placement of the camera, loosen the bottom screws of the camera base. In most stabilizers, there is a screw for adjusting side-by-side screws. Once you have a balance, tighten the screw.

Three. Test the balance of the camera. If the front is reversed, the direction of the front and back is adjusted.

4. If it is tilted, loosen the screws on the left or right side and make appropriate adjustments.

5. Tighten the screw after completion.

Achieve the right balance
This may require some adjustment to balance your camera. You may need to repeat the steps above to get the balance you want.

Pay attention to the weight and settings used when you get the right balance. You should also look at the setting of the quick release board so that you can use it again.

When you get the right balance, you should be able to tilt or move the camera you shoot. Put your camera in, put your thumb on the ring (the ring is just below the receiver base, on the handle). Use your thumb to turn the wreath, turn the camera to the left or right.

Tilt the thumb to the bottom of the receiver bracket. Apply a little pressure until the camera tilts in the direction you want. Once the shooting is completed, the quick release plate and the camera turn off the stabilizer. Do not place stabilizer on the uniform surface of the camera because it may cause damage.

A little trick to keep the stabilizer
Some stabilizers only need one hand while others only need two hands. Use both hands to provide balance. However, one hand is ideal when you are shooting through the crowd, or you want some aerial shots.

If you want to hold the stabilizer with two hands, use one hand to support the camera.  Make sure that your hands hold the stabilizer and do not touch anything that may hinder the smooth movement of the camera. If you hold the stabilizer with one hand, it must use a secure handle.

Reminding and warning
Read the instructions and operate according to the instructions.
Handle the stabilizer carefully.
Only use the camera model that it designs.
Clean and dry cloth cleaning stabilizers.
The information here shows how easy it is to use a camera stabilizer. Keep in mind that the information provided here is only a general guide. Before you use it, be sure to read the manual with camera stabilizer. Once established, you will have no problem and let it work. Source: AFI gimbal stabilizer
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