AFI in 2018 LosAngeles Cine Gear Expo Review




LosAngeles Cine Gear Expo is an international exhibition for film,video and digital media exhibition,which is complied the top film equipment manufacturer.

As a professional photography manufacturer, AFI was invited to attend this exhibition,and present the latest product of 2018 in the exhibition

DSLR Camera Gimbal--D3 ▼

D3 not only creates a new photographic experience for photographers,also provides new narrative technique for video works.The professional function is enough to meet the requirements of the photographer by the camera’s different operation and switching stabilizer mode,the camera can shoot as your wants whether in low or high position.

D3 Hand Held Stabilizer Field Test

V5 Smartphone Stabilizer 

Compared with the previous series,the new development system of V5 Gimbal makes the stabilizer more sensitive and portable.The new features are focusing wheel and fill light which to subvert the obsolete pattern of filming,the user can directly choose appropriate focusing and light effect during the shooting,not only save user time,but also can take more professional photos

V5 Smartphone Stabilizer Field Test.

According to the site staff feedback: AFI D3 and V3 are very popular with visitors. They also built the booth for visitor to test V5 or D3.

The staff introduce the stabilizer

AFI always insists on independengt innovation,driven by the development of technologies,improve enterprise core competitiveness. Thought the path to innovation is long,however, we firmly believe that if we do it with my heart,we will achieve our goal.

2018.6.13    By: AFI ()